• Wide battery compartment with quick lock and release system.
  • Light, yet very stiff and robust.
  • Innovative FBL tray. ( adjustable dampening hardness)
  • Dry weight= (2190) grams without blades and electronics.
  • 12mm hollow main shaft.
  • 10mm feathering shaft.
  • Main gear =155 T mod. 1 / tail drive front pulley = 127 T and 25 T on tail assembly.
  • Real full carbon mainframe.
  • Motor mounting features a bearing block supported pinion, reducing overall wear on the power system and drive train.¬†
  • Compatible with¬† a wide range of motor sizes, 4030, 4035, 4525, 4530, 4535 (6mm shaft required min. lenght = 20mm) 520 - 560kv.
  • 16 T motor pinion included in kit. (6mm bore diameter)
  • Octa boom design with oval side shapes, no boom supports needed.
  • Capable to use a wide range of lipo batteries. 6S - 14S . (12S - 5000mAh to 5500mAh recommended).
  • Perfectly thought-out servo layout in conjunction with the FBL system and ESC.
  • Easy cable routing with various options to ensure a clean setup. Modern, sporty and functional design.
  • High visibility canopy for perfect orientation in flight.
  • Recommended main blade size 685 - 720 mm. Tail blade size 95 - 115 mm.
  • Sustainably produced.


  • The Tron 7.0 frame layout, and set up product recommendations.

A simple and clean frame layout makes your wire job a joy and ready for a clean looking machine. There are pleanty of options we tested in the tron 7.0.

Find out here which esc, motor, servo and blade variations we do recommend.

  • Full CNC precision rotor head.

The state of the art rotorhead is made out of high grade aluminium.

It provides you with a ultra precise feeling at any headspeed.

  • Full CNC precision tail rotor system.

With an incredibly strong and durable tail drive unit, the Tron 7.0 provides an ultimate feel during any maneuver, while featuring unique design elements.

  • Stylish and unique canopy.

The tron 7.0 canopy has incredible visibility and allows perfect orientation in flight.

Available in 3 different colors.