• Supersonic canopy mounts included in the kit. ( front and backside )
  • New state of the art unique and compact belt tensioner.
  • Herringbone¬† split CNC main gear and motor pinion for super quiet and efficient performance.
  • New paint scheme on high visibility canopy for perfect orientation in flight. ( 2 options available )
  • Semi fusion lower frame and tail fin for awesome look and visibility.
  • Dry weight= (2190) grams without blades and electronics.
  • 12mm hollow main shaft.
  • 10mm feathering shaft.
  • Real full carbon mainframe.
  • Motor mounting features a bearing block supported pinion, reducing overall wear on the power system and drive train.
  • Compatible with a wide range of motor sizes, 4030, 4035, 4525, 4530, 4535 (6mm shaft required min. length = 20mm)
    520 - 560kv.
  • 16 T motor pinion included in the kit. (6mm bore diameter)
  • Octa boom design with oval side shapes.
  • Perfectly thought-out servo layout in conjunction with the FBL system and ESC.
  • Easy cable routing with various options to ensure a clean setup. Modern, sporty and functional design.
  • Wide battery compartment with quick lock and release system.

The Tron 7.0 ADVANCE frame layout

A simple and clean frame layout makes your wire job a joy and ready for a clean looking machine. There are new features which we added in the Tron 7.0. ADVANCE

The Tron 7.0 ADVANCE split heringbone CNC maingear

The Tron 7.0 Advance main gear is a split CNC main gear.This provides some new awesome aditional features.

  • No thrust forces

  • More power efficient transmission

  • Zero axial forces on the bearings.

  • Very quiet

Thanks to the flexible split design, which compresses under load, it detects and compensates for even the smallest vertical displacements. This way the main gear always will stay in the perfect position.

The Tron 7.0 ADVANCE belt tensioner

The new designed belt tensioner has an easy, unique and simple design.
Once the tail belt tensioner is set, no further adjustments are required.
And the best? The tail response and performance has gotten even better!

  • Full CNC precision rotor head.

The state of the art rotorhead is made out of high grade aluminium.

It provides you with a ultra precise feeling at any headspeed.

  • Full CNC precision tail rotor system.

With an incredibly strong and durable tail drive unit, the Tron 7.0 ADVANCE provides an ultimate feel during any maneuver, while featuring unique design elements.

  • Stylish and unique canopy.

The tron 7.0 ADVANCE canopy has incredible visibility and allows perfect orientation in flight.

2 color option are available, neon orange-white and gray-neon yellow