The Nitron frame design and layout.

The Nitron frame design allows for simplicity during assembly and maintenance. The servos, engine and flybarless gyro are all easily accessible while maintaining incredible detail and elegance. A whole wave of possibilities, straight out of the box.


  • Extreme solid 2mm thick  frame structure.
  • Various options for a super easy and logical wiring job with cutouts for cable ties.
  • Easy access to electronics in case of maintenance.
  • 2 inderpendend and removable trays for mounting electronics.( FBL unit, receiver ).
  • Mainshaft support tube which makes a 3rd bearing support irrelevant. This will make maintenance and repairs fast and easy.
  • Complete tail boom unit can be separated from the frame in 15 seconds.
  • Midi size or eather full size servos, depending on the blade length. (Midi servos for a 550-570mm setup,  580-610mm full size).
  • Front FBL tray fits for BRAIN 2/ ICON 2/ V-BAR-NEO / SPIRIT 2 / BEAST X.
  • Back FBL tray fits for any FBL system and offers larger space.


Talking about engines.

Regardless of engine and power system choice, the Nitron will be able to handle a wide variety of equipment.

  • MAX-55HZ Hyper and Powerboost pipe 55
  • MAX-55HZ-R and Powerboost pipe 55 II
  • MAX-50SX-H RING HYPER and Funtech A329
  • YS-60-SR and Hatory 60NS-3D 

Talking about servos.

The nitron offers the possibility of midi or full size servos for cyclic and full or midi for the throttle servo. For the tail we do recommend a full size servo.


Full size servos example (580-610mm blade)

  • Xpert RC R1 HS-6401-HV - Brushless (cyclic)
  • Highest Servo HG 200 (cyclic)
  • Highest Servo HS 2000 HV (cyclic)
  • MKS Servo HBL 990 - HV Digital Servo (cyclic)
  • MKS Servo HBL 575SL HV (cyclic)
  • MKS Servo HBL 990 - HV Digital Servo (tail)
  • HIGHEST HG 100 (tail)
  • HIGHST 3D HS700 (throttle servo)


Midi size servos example (550-570mm blade)

  • HIGHEST HB500 (cyclic)
  • MKS Servo HV9767 (cyclic)



Nitron under the hood.

Clean and logical structures, tiled into a piece of beauty, no tangled cables, everything in its place as it should be.

Main and tail drive gear ratios.

With the Nitron you have the possibility to fly 550mm- 610mm blades, the only thing you have to adjust is the gear ratio. A world full of possibilities.