EMT, founder and designer team (executive management)

Team and factory pilots.

Listed by commitment date.

Tron Helicopters are characterized by a modern, well thought-out design and the flight performance is simply on a perfect level.


From the first flight I was very impressed with the Tron 7.0 it feels very strong and precise in the air. I like the mechanical design it’s very simple and fast to maintain.


The design is super modern, extremely easy to build and maintain.The machine also offers incredible flight performance.


Unlimited tail performance and a linear, precise head geometry with various adjustment options are just a few of the countless features that Tronhelicopters offers with the 7.0. I feel the magic!


Flying Tron is an easy choice for me… The 7.0 and 5.5 are light and feel accurate in flight. Attention to detail in their design makes them stand out from anything else I’ve flown.


I’ve never flown an airframe that I’ve felt this comfortable with within so few flights. Being so light and predictable Tron airframes make you feel confident from the minute the skids leave the ground.


I have never flown such a light and precise nitro machine as the NiTron. The design and the appealing is unbeatable.



I thought that most machines fly very similarly and improvements can only be made with the choice of rotor blades or servos. But Tronhelicopters taught me better.

It is not easy to find a helicopter of this size that comes so close to the flight experience of a 700. But the Tron 5.5 do.

The Tron 5.5 is built like a tank, very light, but still flies through all maneuvers with a very nice dynamic.