The Tron 7.0 tail drive unit and boom.

The Tron 7.0 tail assembly not only provides high-quality components, but additionally unique aesthetics and design elements, and additionally provides incredible strength. 

Due to the design elements, the Tron 7.0 tail will provide you with superb tail control authority, and a direct feel.



Art transformed to function. The Tron 7.0 tail drive assembly.

  • Made out of high-quality grade aluminum.
  • Unique tail case design.
  • Extreme solid and vibration resistance.


Tail boom clamps.

  • Octa type with oval side shapes for maximum strength.
  • Very accurate fit.
  • Light but rigid.


Smoothness in every situation. The Tron 7.0 tail dampening system.

  • Noise reduction in every maneuver.
  • Less sensitive to vibrations.
  • Slop free.
  • High precision.