• • Maingear 137 T /MOD 0.9
      • Engine pinion 17T
      • Tail maindrive pulley 101T
      • Tail pulley 20T /19T ( 20T stock )
      • Tail gear ratio ( 5.05 stock )
      • Mechanic weight with canopy = 2180 grams. ( 4.80 pounds )
      • Ready to fly weight ( dry ) 3980 grams ( 8.7 pounds) with full size servo setup!
      • Supersonic canopy mounts included in kit. ( Backside )
      • Max main blade lenght = 705mm / 105mm tail
      • Heavy duty one way bearing and hub design.
      • Octa boom design with oval side shapes, no boom supports needed.
      • High visibility canopy for perfect orientation in flight. 2 option available.


The NiTron 90 frame layout, based on the very successful and well approved Nitron 50. The frame have been improved again and its now even better more rigid while provides a very beautiful and stylish compact shape.

The frame is angled, this allows the tail rotor to stays far off the ground for easy take off or landing.

Simple and clean frame layout makes your wire job a joy and ready for a clean looking machine.

  • Full cnc precisions rotor head.

The state of the art rotorhead is made out of high grade aluminium.

It provides you with a ultra precise feeling at any headspeed.

  • Full cnc precisions tail rotor system.

With an incredibly strong and durable tail drive unit, the NiTron 90 provides an ultimate feel during any maneuver, while featuring unique design elements.

2 Different tail pulleys are available to match your need for any headspeed and any kind of flying style.

  • Stylish and unique canopy.

The NiTron 90 canopy has incredible visibility and allows perfect oriantation in flight.

Available in 2 different colors.