Tronhelicopter’s team was built in 2019. Including professional RC Helicopter Pilot and RC FPV Drone World Champion from 2017 Dario Neuenschwander, we partnered with YINTECH, a very experienced long time manufacturer and desigener of RC helicopters, to provide high-quality manufacturing thanks to over 18 years experience within the helicopter industry.

Partnered together, an idea was born to release a helicopter brand that satisfied the market needs. Lightweight, strong, simple assembly, ease of maintenance, high quality, a wide flight envelope with precision and responsiveness, all while delivering unique and sporty robotic aesthetics.

Any pilots will find not only a great flight experience but plenty of neat features of the models.

Low head speed and high head speed provide pilots the flexibility they want in a helicopter, to meet the performance they want.

No matter your needs as a pilot, Tronhelicopters will meet them all.

History talk about YINTECH

Read the complete story about YINTECH and how did he get in to RC helicoters business and designs. All the way back in 2004.