The company Tronhelicopters was founded in 2019 by Dario Neuenschwander, Ricky Yin and Joachim Etter. (EMT team)

About us:

Dario Neuenschwander.

Dario has long been known in the RC helicopter scene. Dario can look back on a long career with well-known manufacturers, where he was involved in the development and testing of products. To name one, the MSH Protos Helicopters series and the development of the famous MSH Brain FBL unit. Dario also did R@D work for SpinBlades where he is a longtime Factory Pilot. In 2017 Dario took a break from RC Helicopters to get involved in FPV racing. He did well and took the official FPV-FAI world champion title in 2017.


Joachim Etter

Known for his business ideas and his ability to make products a success in combination with his designs. Before that, he was closely associated with various manufacturers, for whom he did designs and business consultancy. Joachim was also the key founder, designer and builder of the xnovamotors brand.


Ricky Yin

Ricky is deeply involved in the manufacture, development and production of RC model helicopters for a very long time. That goes back to the beginnings of Synergy Helicopters, which he took over in 2010 after Stephen Fan passed away.



Our Goals:

The team from Switzerland and Yin’s finest engineering and production company had focused to provide high-quality manufacturing thanks to over 18 years experience within the helicopter industry.

The key idea? Create a helicopter brand that satisfied the market needs. Lightweight, strong, simple assembly, ease of maintenance, high quality, a wide flight envelope with precision and responsiveness, all while delivering unique and sporty robotic aesthetics.

Any pilots will find not only a great flight experience but plenty of neat features of the models.

Low head speed and high head speed provide pilots the flexibility they want in a helicopter, to meet the performance they want.

No matter your needs as a pilot, Tronhelicopters will meet them all.