The company Tronhelicopters was founded in 2019 by Dario Neuenschader, Ricky Yin and Joachim Etter. (EMT team)

Tronhelicopters has already launched 2 models in 2020:

-Tron 5.5   6S-12S capable (550-560mm blade-lenght)

-NiTron    50 class nitro (550-610mm blade-lenght)

Further models are planned and the Tron 7.0 is about to be launched very soon.


Our Goals:

The team from Switzerland and Yin’s finest engineering and production company had focused to provide high-quality manufacturing thanks to over 18 years experience within the helicopter industry.

The key idea? Create a helicopter brand that satisfied the market needs. Lightweight, strong, simple assembly, ease of maintenance, high quality, a wide flight envelope with precision and responsiveness, all while delivering unique and sporty robotic aesthetics.

Any pilots will find not only a great flight experience but plenty of neat features of the models.

Low head speed and high head speed provide pilots the flexibility they want in a helicopter, to meet the performance they want.

No matter your needs as a pilot, Tronhelicopters will meet them all.